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18 January 2021

ALIT Technologies and SAT sign a commercial agreement for the exclusive sale of Fastrip ISP on vertical coating lines

January 18, 2021. ALIT and SAT have undertaken a synergistic path to provide their customers with the most cutting-edge technologies that make the coating process more efficient and economical.

We are glad to announce that SAT (Surface Aluminium Technologies) S.R.L. and ALIT Technologies SRL have signed a commercial agreement for the exclusive sale of ALIT Technologies’ machines for vertical coating lines. SAT becomes the only player in the market able to offer the Fastrip ISP machine for the in-line paint stripping of hooks for aluminium extrusions coating lines. After years of projects carried out together, the two companies have decided to undertake a synergistic path to provide their customers with the most advanced technologies that make the painting process more efficient and economical.

SAT S.R.L. is an Italian engineering company and its core business is the design and the installation of aluminium profile surface treatment systems. The products it provides are vertical powder coating lines, the revolutionary CUBE Trevisan, Vertical powder coating plants with integrated flash-anodizing pre- treatment, anodizing lines, wood effect decoration machines and packaging systems for aluminium profiles.

Specialists in the chemical paint stripping of metal surfaces, ALIT Technologies proposes innovative in-line chemical paint stripping systems and high-performance stripping products with low environmental impact. Fastrip ISP in-line machines by ALIT have revolutionized the way hooks are cleaned in the painting processes.

Andrea Trevisan, SAT CEO, commented: “We are all very excited about this collaboration and we really look forward to working with ALIT to carry on new challenging projects together”.

“SAT is a very well-known and respected brand; we are happy of the agreement we signed with them. I’m sure it will provide great value for worldwide customers in our market”, said Loris Rossi, CEO of ALIT.


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