Alit Technologies

11 January 2024

ALIT Technologies transforms into a Joint-Stock company

ALIT Technologies has announced the transformation from an S.r.l. to S.p.a. (the Italian equivalent of Limited Liability Company and Joint-Stock Company), stating its goal is the issuance of bonds that will allow the expansion of the business.

The Italian manufacturer of machines and products for metal surface treatment is pleased to announce that its growth process has led Alit to become a Joint-Stock company.

The company has registered a capital increase which, in conjunction with the new set-up, will allow a major control over management, thanks to the presence of three auditors, more diversified financial operations and the possibility of obtaining more liquidity with a view to continued growth, as explained by the CEO Loris Rossi.

ALIT Technologies S.p.A, grateful for the trust placed by all its stakeholders, today announces itself enthusiastic and positive in view of an increasingly bright productive future.


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