Alit Technologies

4 June 2018

FASTRIP MT is the paint stripping process for aluminium profiles up to 7 meters.

Fastrip MT is the new Alit system for the paint stripping of Aluminum profiles up to 7-meters long. Launched on the occasion of the last Metef Exhibition in Verona, Fastrip MT is the result of the important technical knowledge acquired by the company in over a decade of specialization in in-line painting plants, starting with its Fastrip ISP. On the solicitation of partner companies involved in the production and finishing of aluminum profiles, Alit has devised Fastrip MT to solve a major problem in this process: imperfect paintings. These require large cash outflows and time-consuming remedies, such as outsourcing paint stripping or the manual removal of the wrong finishing. With Fastrip MT today, these industries can finally have an internally efficient paint stripping plant, which operates with excellent stripping liquid products that are recognized in the market for their reliability. Some presentation slides are available at this link.


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