Alit Technologies

4 June 2018

The new Alit Technologies logo

Compact and simplified, the new Alit logo is a reinterpretation that does not distort the style of the previous logo and wins in immediacy of effect. In fact, having eliminated the triangular graphic element that was at the beginning of the previous version, the rainbow of colors is repeated in the first letter of the name, to evoke the extensive range of paints that can be treated by the paint stripping products and the latest Alit technologies. Also, the cobalt gray and the clear lines have been retained, faithful to the stylistic elements that refer to the metal treatment sector. The word Technologies has been strengthened and is today in a new form, to indicate the company’s commitment towards the research of innovative technologies and processes for the chemical stripping of metals. The payoff in English explicitly declares the company activity – products and machines for paint stripping.


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