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Fastrip T5

Fastrip T5

Chemical immersion stripping tank.

FASTRIP T5 is our range of medium-sized stripping tanks with a capacity of 800 liters.
They are all built on the concept of “tank within a tank”, thanks to which the sealed external tank also serves a safety basin for fluid containment. They all feature an integrated electric heating system and combine both mechanical and chemical actions together.

The Fastrip T5 series allow to effectively remove the coating layers deposited on ferrous metals and light alloys without compromising their surface. They are equipped with a separate self-supporting plug-and-play touchscreen control panel and fully programmable cycle parameters.
Their sturdiness in ensured by their building materials, including AISI 304, while maximum comfort of use is guaranteed by a professionl design. Perfectly insulated from all sides, equipped with an interlock cover and set up for the fume extraction.
ALIT Technologies also offer extra option such as customizable workpiece holders and a fume extraction system.

FASTRIP T5 MULTI-TANK SYSTEM is the stripping plant designed to load the items to be stripped into custom-designed baskets. The pieces will be then transfer into the T5 stripping tank. The stripped workpieces will be then moved to the rinsing tank and finally to the dripping tank. Once arrived at the dripping tank, a final spray rinse can also be carried out if necessary. This operation is made possible thanks to the wheeled multifunctional pump.

Fastrip T5

Fastrip T5

Chemical immersion stripping tank.

This is the range of medium-sized stripping tanks with a capacity of 800 liters.


Electric circuit fully insulated from liquids for greater safety


The combination of Alit Technologies’ chemical products and the mechanical action ensure optimal stripping results


Professional design


Made of AISI 304 steel


Suitable to treat different types of metal components

Easy to use

Plug and play, with programmable cycle parameters. Easy tank cleaning

Comfort of use

The workpiece basket was designed to easily and efficiently hang the hooks to be stripped



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