Alit Technologies

6 July 2018

ALIT Technologies: the new Alufinish Italia brand dedicated to chemical paint stripping and much more

Alufinish Italia has set up a new brand, ALIT Technologies, which will develop products and processes for the chemical paint stripping technology, among others.

Starting from January 2016, the inline paint stripping processes market will be covered by ALIT Technologies.

Therefore, the Fastrip ISP process and all Metalstrip products, previously marketed by Alufinish Italia, will be now supplied by Alit Technologies. 

Fastrip ISP is an inline chemical stripping process that combines the efficiency of a dipping line featuring a particular ultrasonic technology specifically developed for this system with a chemical product of the Metalstrip range, able to remove any coating from hooks and frames in only two minutes. 

The Metalstrip paint stripping products contain no chlorine compounds and are environment-friendly, and their formulation allows for their use with this new stripping system. They are suitable for frames made of ferrous material, aluminium or other light alloys.

Read below the full article published on the international surface treatment magazine ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine, issue n. 38 (March/April 2016). The article was also published in Spanish and Portuguese on the May issue of ipcm® Ibérica and ipcm® LatinoAmérica.


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