Alit Technologies

4 June 2018

Alit to launch an innovative paint stripping machine for aluminium profiles at the Metef Exhibition

11 July 2017. San Bonifacio (VR) Alit confirms its vocation for innovation during the last edition of the METEF fair, in Verona last June, by presenting a new multi-tanks technology for the chemical stripping of aluminium profiles up to 7 meters. This is a scale-up from the well-known Fastrip ISP, the in-line chemical paint removal system that has been launched in 2012 and has enabled many industries all over the globe to effectively solve the problems related to dirty paint hooks. When a hook is not properly peeled, it could risk hitches and slowdowns. Today with Fastrip MT, the acronym of “Multi Tanks”, Alit Technologies’ technical expertise in paint stripping is applied to the larger products. The automotive industry, for example, is among those industries to benefit from a technology that allows easy stripping of aluminium profiles. The state of the art industrial technical knowledge been using until today has required long and costly processes to re-paint unevenly painted profiles. Alit’s booth attracted many delegates with a peak in attendance during the launch event of Fastrip MT when Loris Rossi, CEO of Alit, delivered a speech. The happy hour was definitely appreciated at the end of the working day.


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