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ALIT Technologies will participate in PaintExpo 2022

ALIT Technologies will participate in the leading trade fair for coating technologies which will be held from 26 to 29 April 2022.

A new article dedicated to the participation of ALIT Technologies at the leading trade fair for coating technologies, PaintExpo, was published in the technical magazine Verniciatura Industriale.

The fair will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 26 to 29 April 2022 and will be an opportunity to discover the innovative systems and chemicals developed by ALIT.

ALIT Academy Magazine n. 2 has been released

March 21, 2022. The second issue of ALIT Academy Magazine presents the products and technologies that will be presented at PaintExpo 2022.

The time in which we are living is characterized by a fast-moving industrial market. The cost of raw materials is constantly increasing, and their availability is limited. And yet, companies do not brake: they accept, even if with some complaints, the increases, but at the same time, they start looking for alternative solutions in order to reduce costs.

For months we have been living this situation and for as many months, ALIT has been trying to adapt its procedures to keep up with the market, listening to the requests of its customers and partners and then offering concrete solutions.

This issue of ALIT Academy Magazine will be particularly rich, because we will present what we have recently developed to optimize the filtration of paint stripping baths and thus allow tangible economic savings to companies that use our products.

We will also be presenting FLUORIDITE, a new chemical product developed entirely by our laboratory team, which is essential for all companies operating in the aluminium coating sector that are experiencing problems with the fluorides limit in wastewaters.

Finally, we will be presenting a new entry to the ALIT range, ready to change the way in which we strip and recover items with coating defects: FASTRIP S, a spray machine capable of working at high temperatures (130°C) quickly and of adapting to the growth of the company thanks to its modular concept.

All these innovations fully demonstrate our expertise in the sector and, above all, enable us to welcome you to the PaintExpo 2022 trade fair in Karlsruhe (Germany) in April. It will be an opportunity to see many of you again, meet new customers and provide you with all the information you need.

Read the full magazine:

The winning combination of Fastrip S and Metalstrip

Find out the results that a paint stripping contractor has achieved thanks to the Fastrip S plant and the products of the Metalstrip range developed by ALIT Technologies.

When it comes to paint stripping, each company relies on a different technology according to the specific needs of the parts it treats. In the case of paint stripping contractors, however, it is important to implement solutions that allow processing components of all types and in all sizes. The chemical paint stripping industry typically uses the immersion technique, because it enables the whole workpiece to be covered and therefore provides optimum results.

In order to further optimise its services, Sverniciatura Veneta S.r.l. took an interest in high-temperature chemical paint stripping through spray systems. This is why it decided to install a Fastrip S machine, developed in recent years by ALIT Technologies.

After initial reluctance to embrace such a major technological change, the company worked with ALIT’s engineers to customise a machine that would meet its needs and be able to reach the temperature required by the company (110 °C) in order to achieve high quality results through a faster spray paint stripping process. The company is now capable of providing its customers with uniformly and optimally paint stripped products, while having improved the environmental impact of its processes and reduced resource consumption.

Read the full article published on ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 74 (March/April 2022):

n.2 March 2022

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