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ALIT Technologies S.p.A will Attend PaintExpo 2024

We are happy to share that ipcm®International Paint&Coating Magazine also talked about our upcoming participation at PaintExpo 2024.

Come to visit us at PaintExpo, stand 2446, hall 2.

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ALIT Technologies Presented the New Industrial Masking Brand MAS-KING

In its latest issue, ipcm International Paint&Coating Magazine told about the new brand of ALIT Technologies: Mas-King, the ally that offers solutions for industrial masking.

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ALIT Technologies S.p.A will attend PaintExpo 2024

ALIT Technologies is thrilled to announce its participation in PaintExpo, the main European trade fair dedicated to the world of industrial coating technologies.

ALIT Technologies, a company specialising in the manufacturing of machines and products for the chemical paint stripping of metals, will attend as an exhibitor the 2024 edition of PaintExpo, which will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 9th to 12th April.

ALIT Technologies, in a spirit of continuous growth, will make PaintExpo the perfect opportunity to present many new features and some innovative projects that will leave stand visitors pleasantly surprised.

For the 2024 edition of PaintExpo and with this in mind, ALIT Technologies decided to go big by setting up the company’s largest stand ever.

The trade fair will represent an excellent opportunity to meet several stakeholders operating in the world of industrial coating as well as to exchange views and ideas on the present and future of this sector.

ALIT Technologies thus awaits you at PaintExpo, booth 2446, pavilion 2.

ALIT Technologies S.p.a presents MAS-KING, a new brand specialising in industrial masking

In an increasingly dynamic industrial world, it is essential for a company to innovate but also to renew itself to offer increasingly comprehensive services to the market. Strong on this approach, ALIT Technologies decided to expand its reach by creating MAS-KING, a new brand specialising in industrial masking based on innovation, progress and responsiveness to the demands of an increasingly demanding market.

The San Bonifacio (VR) based-company is pleased to announce the transition from dealers to owners of a new line of business operating in the field of masking for coating and other surface treatments. MAS-KING, the brand chosen for this new business, presents a range of products of the highest quality, designed with precision and made with advanced materials. The brand aims to set a new standard in industrial masking and represents the commitment signed ALIT Technologies to excellence in the protection of artifacts during all stages of surface treatment.

The new brand has a strongly international vision made possible by the ALIT Technologies’ global network of agents. To Italian customers, MAS-KING offers an innovative service based on speed of delivery, supplier-customer trust, problem-solving ability as well as on good price-quality ratio: a dedicated van, loaded with solutions for protecting parts during coating, will be available to customers directly at the workplace, thus guaranteeing immediate and customised supply.

Progress and innovation are two goals to be pursued at both strategic and operational levels for any solid and dynamic company. ALIT Technologies, excited about this new adventure into the world of surface treatments, invites all its customers to learn more about the features of the new MAS-KING masking products by contacting the customer service.

Join us to write the beginning of a new chapter in the history of masking.

ALIT Technologies launches FASTRIP T2-120 MIX

ALIT presented the new FASTRIP T2-120 MIX machine in the technical magazines dedicated to surface treatments ipcm_International Paint&Coating Magazine, ipcm_Ibérica & ipcm_LatinoAmérica.

ALIT Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of FASTRIP T2-120 MIX, an even more compact evolution of the T2 system, designed for effective and rapid paint removal.

The companies that carry out internally the coating of metal artifacts have, in fact, an intrinsic need to strip the frames and hooks used for the hanging of the pieces or the artifacts that have defects. ALIT Technologies has developed the FASTRIP T2-120 MIX, the most compact paint stripping machine in the T2 range, in order to offer an efficient and space-saving solution.

“ALIT TECHNOLOGIES has developed FASTRIP T2-120 MIX based on its many years of experience in the paint stripping industry” says Loris, CEO of ALIT Technologies. “This machine does not use ultrasound, as the mechanical action of the paint stripper on the parts’ is ensured by the hydrostatic thrust generated by the mixer. The fact that ultrasound has been replaced by a mixer is precisely what distinguishes FASTRIP T2-120 MIX from our top-of-the-line model FASTRIP T2-100. This makes the former a quieter machine that can also operate with a more polluted paint stripper; the absence of ultrasound also allows for the use of electronic components that are less sensitive to the heat developed during normal machine operation. Overall, these choices have resulted in the design of an extremely robust, reliable, safe, and well-functioning system”.

The article was published in the 82 issue (July/August) of the international technical magazine dedicated to surface treatments ipcm_International Paint&Coating Magazine. In addition, on the edition of ipcm_Ibérica No. 31 & ipcm_LatinoAmérica No. 43 the same content was published in Spanish and Portuguese.

Read the full article:

ALIT Technologies: where chemistry and mechanics meet in the name of internationalization

We are pleased to share with you the article published on the leading Italian newspaper Il Sole24ore, dedicated to Italian companies that have been able to create value and successfully expand on international markets.

ALIT has always had a particular vocation for internationalization. Over the years, we have created synergies with established international companies, signing exclusive distribution agreements to provide our products to the global market. Thanks to these synergies, ALIT boasts a corroborated presence throughout the European area and numerous contacts in the rest of the world.

We discussed about this in an article published on the February 23rd edition of the Italian newspaper Il Sole24Ore:

ALIT Technologies on Lakiernictwo

Polish industrial magazine Lakiernictwo published an article on the synergy between ALIT and Alufinish Polska.

ALIT Technologies has been featured on the Polish industrial publication Lakiernictwo.

The article highlights the synergy between ALIT and Alufinish Polska – ALIT’s exclusive distributor in Poland – aimed at providing the Polish market with effective paint stripping solutions.

“In this period, we managed to get closer to the Polish world, which we’ve come to know and appreciate. Knowing the polish market, we knew that a local presence was necessary to effectively push the business. So, we found a reliable partner with which to share ideas and strategies: Alufinish Polska. The company has a corroborated presence within the metal surface treatment market and we have found a perfect harmony with them, especially when it comes to customer approach and management. The polish territory counts a very strong presence of companies within the aluminum industry but also in the automobile, white goods and metal painting industries in general. ALIT can offer the right solutions to all these markets”, says Loris Rossi, CEO of ALIT, in the article.

“Building long-term, mutually trusting business relationships not only between supplier and customer, but also between supplier and supplier, is the basis to operate effectively and responsibly within the B2B market”, adds Jędrzej Bubas, Business Development Manager at Alufinish Polska. “Creating partnerships based on close yet flexible cooperation is a guarantee of fast adaptation to the constantly changing economic environment. With a view to ensuring the widest possible range of products offered by Alufinish Polska and, in particular, taking into account the increasing number of enquiries regarding technologies and equipment for de-lacquering, we have established an official cooperation with ALIT, becoming the exclusive distributor of its products in Poland. We hope that our long-standing knowledge of the metal surface treatment market, as well as our professionalism and commitment in developing new technologies and equipment supplied by ALIT, which are constantly adapted to market expectations, will provide our customers with production solutions that are optimal in every respect”.

Alongside the article, two adverts showcasing the world of ALIT Technologies were also published.

ALIT Technologies Presented the Dosing and Application System Drizzling

Drizzling is an innovative process for the application of chrome-free passivation products for all metals.

During the trade fair Aluminium, that took place from 27th to 29th September 2022 in Düsseldorf (Germany), ALIT Technologies has showcased its new dosing and application system for the passivation of metal components Drizzling.

As it is extremely compact and easy to install, it allows to apply a constantly fresh and contamination-free passivating solution to the products. Drizzling is a complete dosing system capable of automatically managing the mixing of demineralised water coming from a feed tank with the exact quantity of passivating chemical product, thus obtaining an optimal and always fresh solution to be dispensed directly on the surface of metals.

The use of special atomizing nozzles and compressed air enables the Drizzling system to homogeneously produce and distribute a fine and light mist of passivating solution that completely envelops the product, even in 7-meter vertical lines for aluminium profiles.

It can be combined with chrome-free chemicals, including titanium and polymer based ALFICOAT 748/3 from ALUFINISH GMBH & Co. KG, in order to guarantee excellent results in the passivation process both in terms of corrosion protection and paint adhesion.

The article was published in the 78th issue of ipcm® International Paint & Coating Magazine (November/December 2022).

Improving Extrusion Dies Cleanliness with Claris 9346 MB

Claris 9346 MB is an innovative liquid additive specifically developed to reduce costs and cleaning times of extrusion dies for aluminium profiles.

Every company that produces aluminium profiles uses extrusion presses to transform the aluminium billets into profiles with the most varied sections. After each use, the dies of the extrusion presses – which give the shape to the profile – have traces of solidified aluminium that must be completely removed before storing the dies until they are mounted of the press again.

The dies are usually cleaned by heating caustic soda baths, that bring the aluminium residues into solution through an exothermic reaction. However, this process involves the consumption of large quantities of soda ash, which must then be dismissed of at the end of the life cycle of the bath. Furthermore, the corrosiveness of soda ash and the high operating temperatures generate corrosive and dangerous fumes, while the formation of sodium aluminate fouling implies continuous maintenance work.

ALIT Technologies has therefore developed Claris 9346 MB, an innovative product that allows to obtain a more efficient cleaning process, reducing costs and cleaning times of the extrusion dies. Claris 9346 MB:

  • Improves the overall cleanliness of the dies, facilitating the dissolution of the residues gathered in inaccessible points.
  • Significantly increases the service life of the bath.
  • Maintains the temperature of the bath at about 90° C, thus reducing fume emissions and evaporation consumption.

In the article published in the 77th issue of ipcm® International Paint & Coating Magazine (September/October 2022), we explored the technical characteristics of Claris 9346 MB and presented the case study at the Alumec plant.

Fluoride Removal with FLUORIDITE

FLUORIDITE is the new system developed by ALIT Technologies to reduce the concentration of fluorides in wastewater below the legal threshold.

Many production fields have the technical need to use particular chemical formulations with high concentrations of specific elements. For some specialised sectors in the surface treatment of steel, glass, and aluminium, for example, the use of products with high fluoride concentrations is unavoidable. However, there exist legal limits for the concentration of fluorides in surface and sewage water.

In the specific sector of aluminium coating, the continuous demand for higher productivity and pre-treatment quality has led to an increase in the use of chemicals, also resulting in critical issue in terms of waste water management.

A standard purification cycle, based mainly on an acidification phase (when necessary) followed by a neutralisation phase with lime, is very often not sufficient to achieve such low concentrations of fluorides, even with considerable dwell times in the line. In order to provide a truly effective solution to this problem without necessarily having to intervene at the plant engineering level, ALIT has developed FLUORIDITE, a liquid product that can be used directly on existing waste water treatment systems. FLUORIDITE allows to reduce the concentration of fluorides in wastewater below the legal limits.

In the article published on ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine (May/June 2022) n. 75, we deepen the technical characteristics of FLUORIDITE and present two case studies. Read the full article:


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