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ALIT’s Fastrip AP System for Sustainable Paint Stripping of Aluminium Profiles

With the new Fastrip AP, in about three hours, defective profiles can be stripped, rinsed, and delivered ready to be reprocessed again.

Aluminium is considered the material of the future as it is light, versatile, sustainable, and fully recyclable, but it needs to be returned to its raw state in order to obtain an optimal product to reprocess.

ALIT has recently developed a new system called Fastrip AP, a compact off-line plant that enables small batches of aluminium profiles to be stripped quickly. This technological solution will especially enable coating contractors to recover defective profiles without any loss of productivity.

Like in-line chemical paint stripping plants devoted to hooks and using high-performance, low-environmental impact formulations, the new AP system can be integrated into already existing processing lines or installed as a stand-alone system, possibly integrated with other ALIT paint stripping technologies. This makes AP a paint stripping system suitable for all aluminium manufacturers, extruders, converters, or coaters that need to restore badly painted

profiles efficiently, cost-effectively, quickly, and without burdensome logistics.

Read the full article published on ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 69 (May/June 2021).

The article was also published in the May 2021 issue of ipcm® Ibérica and ipcm® LatinoAmérica, in Spanish and Portuguese.


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