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We are ALUMINIUM 2018 !

28 Sept 2018. Have a look at the video We are ALUMINIUM 2018! Loris Rossi is presenting Alit Technologies. Looking forward to seeing you at the Aluminium exhibition, booth 12H33

A new Fastrip ISP in Cyprus

17  Sept 2018. Last week, a new Fastrip ISP was inaugurated in Cyprus in the MUSKITA Aluminium Industries Ltd premises in the presence of Loris Rossi CEO of Alit Technology, Andreas Marcou, Industrial Director of the MUSKITA and IPCM – International Paint&Coating Magazine chief editor Alessia Venturi who will showcase the technological evolution of this Fastrip ISP machine in the next issue of the magazine. Loris Rossi, during the event, said: “We acknowledge our machine will contribute to faster the company processes allowing great saving in terms of energy consumption and economics: we will be here to support Mr Marcou in every further improvement he will be keen to search”.

Discover more about this new machine in the article that has been published by IPCM on the media coverage section of our website.

ALIT will attend the Aluminium 2018 exhibition in Dusseldorf (9–11 October)

6 Sept 2018. This is a special announcement to all industries of coating, painting, oxidation and metal extrusion. Our machines will allow you to quickly and easily remove paint from hooks and other items that require repainting. On the occasion of the Aluminum 2018 exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, from October 9–11, we will showcase our extensive range of products dedicated to chemical paint stripping of metals. Like our Fastrip ISP Inline paint stripping machines equipped with highly customisable technology to meet the needs of several industries, to our chemical formulations created in our laboratories that guarantee high performance also in terms of environmental impact. Do you want to explore business opportunities with us? Write to us to arrange a meeting. Or come and visit us at our stand 12H33.

A brand-new design for the Fastrip T2 by Alit Technologies – the ultrasonic stripping tank for the maintenance of hooks and masking products

3 Sept 2018. The effective paint stripping of masking products and hooks that are used during painting processes is now easier with the new Fastrip T2 . It is the smallest technology in the Alit Technologies line-up which is dedicated to the chemical stripping of metals. Alit has rethought the Fastrip T2 design and implemented new functionalities for this ultrasonic tank with integrated heating that combines mechanical and chemical effects. The overall dimensions are minimal (530 x 330 x 310 mm), whereas the effect is maximum. It has been specifically designed to remove the paint layers from masking items and coating line hooks while preserving their surface and extending their service life. In addition, it can be used for either treating small items comprising iron and aluminium or paint stripping guns. It is now equipped with a new digital control display for ensuring greater comfort along with facilitating easy setting of the time and heating functions. It also enables the constant control of the temperature and its visualisation in real time. It works best with two paint strippers that have been specifically created by Alit in relation with the paints that need to be treated – MASKSTRIP 1280 is for the liquid ones, whereas MASKSTRIP 1290 is meant to be used for powder paints. Alit Technologies, which is the specialist in products and machinery for the chemical stripping of metals, with Fastrip T2, aims to support all those industries that have limited internal painting processes. Fastrip T2 helps in keeping their painting line in excellent condition over time without the need for external interventions.


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