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n.4 January 2023

  • Focus on chemicals = Optimizing the costs of chemical paint stripping processes
  • Focus on machines = Drizzling

ALIT Academy Magazine n. 4 has been released

The fourth issue of ALIT Academy Magazine features a very interesting article on how to optimize the costs of chemical paint stripping processes, an overview of our new spray system for metal passivation – Drizzling – and a few interesting articles that showcase life within the company.

ALIT has always stood out for its dynamism and flexibility thanks to a careful and constant study of the market and its needs. Our mission is to always absorb the market’s requests, make them ours and then offer the best solutions.

This is the case of Drizzling, our new application process for the chrome-free passivation of metal products. Drizzling has been developed by listening to the market’s needs. This cutting-edge technology allows to apply a pollutant-free passivating solution to the manufactured items, ensuring an easy and steady chrome-free performance.

In addition to Drizzling, in this issue of the magazine we will also discuss a very important current topic: energy saving.

The increase in energy costs, as well as the continuous increase in chemical raw materials and waste disposal costs, have pushed us to tackle and develop alternative methods to use paint strippers compared to what is considered a standard.

We will showcase the advantages of combining the use of chemicals at lower temperatures, with stirring systems as well as with spray and ultrasound systems. Suitable products with different technologies will allow companies to achieve excellent results minimizing, at the same time, the operating costs.

Finally, in the pages of the magazine you will find as always, a few accounts of the everyday life within our company. As our employees are as special as much as their families, we thought of letting our children experience a day at the company. During the preparations for the Aluminium 2022 trade fair in Düsseldorf, we enlisted the help of the children to build a Lego version of our Fastrip machines, which we then showcased at our booth to show visitors how the systems are made. This experience was wonderful and there was a lovely synergy between parents and children during the workday. We will certainly repeat this experience in 2023.

We wish you a good reading and, most importantly, a Happy New Year!

Read the full magazine:

ALIT Technologies on Lakiernictwo

Polish industrial magazine Lakiernictwo published an article on the synergy between ALIT and Alufinish Polska.

ALIT Technologies has been featured on the Polish industrial publication Lakiernictwo.

The article highlights the synergy between ALIT and Alufinish Polska – ALIT’s exclusive distributor in Poland – aimed at providing the Polish market with effective paint stripping solutions.

“In this period, we managed to get closer to the Polish world, which we’ve come to know and appreciate. Knowing the polish market, we knew that a local presence was necessary to effectively push the business. So, we found a reliable partner with which to share ideas and strategies: Alufinish Polska. The company has a corroborated presence within the metal surface treatment market and we have found a perfect harmony with them, especially when it comes to customer approach and management. The polish territory counts a very strong presence of companies within the aluminum industry but also in the automobile, white goods and metal painting industries in general. ALIT can offer the right solutions to all these markets”, says Loris Rossi, CEO of ALIT, in the article.

“Building long-term, mutually trusting business relationships not only between supplier and customer, but also between supplier and supplier, is the basis to operate effectively and responsibly within the B2B market”, adds Jędrzej Bubas, Business Development Manager at Alufinish Polska. “Creating partnerships based on close yet flexible cooperation is a guarantee of fast adaptation to the constantly changing economic environment. With a view to ensuring the widest possible range of products offered by Alufinish Polska and, in particular, taking into account the increasing number of enquiries regarding technologies and equipment for de-lacquering, we have established an official cooperation with ALIT, becoming the exclusive distributor of its products in Poland. We hope that our long-standing knowledge of the metal surface treatment market, as well as our professionalism and commitment in developing new technologies and equipment supplied by ALIT, which are constantly adapted to market expectations, will provide our customers with production solutions that are optimal in every respect”.

Alongside the article, two adverts showcasing the world of ALIT Technologies were also published.


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