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ALIT to attend the annual conference of the AFMSZ Hungarian Aluminum Surface Treaters’ Association

May 6, 2019. ALIT Technologies was invited to present its systems for chemical paint stripping of metals at the annual conference of AFMSZ, the Hungarian Aluminum Surface Treaters’ Association. The event is scheduled for 9 and 10 May in Nyiregyhaza.

ALIT will be present along with its sales manager Pietro Mandorino who will particularly illustrate the new Fastrip S, vertical spraying machines for chemical stripping of metals (suitable for treating iron) as well as metal and light alloy workpieces without damaging their surfaces. In addition, Fastrip T5, the range of medium-sized stripping tanks (available in three types): ultrasound technology, with an air agitation system, and with an agitation mixer will also be showcased. These units effectively remove the coating layers that get deposited on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, safeguarding their surfaces and extending their service life. In addition to the chemical products developed by the ALIT laboratories to optimize the performance of company technologies.

The company is looking forward to make new inroads into the Hungarian market. “We are delighted and we really welcome this invitation because we believe the Hungarian market is particularly important to us given that it has industries in sectors that are strategic, such as the automotive and aluminium industries, where our technologies and knowledge on metal stripping can certainly find interest and consensus.

ALIT technologies paves the way for key savings both in terms of time and money, allowing even small to medium-sized companies to install their own functional system in order to restore badly painted parts with moderate investments.


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