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ALIT Technologies launches Drizzling, a new dosing and application system for the passivation of metal parts

ALIT Technologies is pleased to announce Drizzling, an innovative process for the application of chrome-free passivation products for all metals.

ALIT Technologies, a leading manufacturer of machines and products for the surface treatment of metals, is pleased to announce the launch of the dosing and application system Drizzling.

The treatment of metal surfaces ensures good durability over time and provides protection against oxidation and corrosion. There are various surface treatment processes aimed at this purpose. One of the most significant and widespread is certainly coating, which is only the last (but not least) step of a chemical process that includes several intermediate stages in which parts are degreased, pickled and passivated. It is in this last phase that the Drizzling system can make a difference.

Overview of the dosing and application system Drizzling

Drizzling consists of a complete dosing system capable of automatically managing the mixing of demineralized water, coming from a feed tank, with the exact quantity of passivating chemical product, thus obtaining an optimal and always fresh solution to be dispensed directly on the surface of metals. The use of special atomizing nozzles and compressed air enables the system to homogeneously produce and distribute a fine and light mist of passivating solution that completely envelops the product, even in 7-meter vertical lines for aluminium profiles.

This system is extremely compact and easy to install, and its main advantage is that it allows to apply a constantly fresh and contamination-free passivating solution to the products: a further reassurance for the customer, who can count on an improved performance of the passivating product.

Furthermore, the new dosing system developed by ALIT Technologies can be combined with chrome-free chemicals, including titanium and polymer-based ALFICOAT 748/3 from Alufinish GmbH, which guarantees excellent results in the passivation process both in terms of corrosion protection and paint adhesion.

The ALIT Technologies team previewed Drizzling at Aluminium, the leading trade show for the aluminium industry and its main fields of application, which took place from 27th to 29th September 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Improving Extrusion Dies Cleanliness with Claris 9346 MB

Claris 9346 MB is an innovative liquid additive specifically developed to reduce costs and cleaning times of extrusion dies for aluminium profiles.

Every company that produces aluminium profiles uses extrusion presses to transform the aluminium billets into profiles with the most varied sections. After each use, the dies of the extrusion presses – which give the shape to the profile – have traces of solidified aluminium that must be completely removed before storing the dies until they are mounted of the press again.

The dies are usually cleaned by heating caustic soda baths, that bring the aluminium residues into solution through an exothermic reaction. However, this process involves the consumption of large quantities of soda ash, which must then be dismissed of at the end of the life cycle of the bath. Furthermore, the corrosiveness of soda ash and the high operating temperatures generate corrosive and dangerous fumes, while the formation of sodium aluminate fouling implies continuous maintenance work.

ALIT Technologies has therefore developed Claris 9346 MB, an innovative product that allows to obtain a more efficient cleaning process, reducing costs and cleaning times of the extrusion dies. Claris 9346 MB:

  • Improves the overall cleanliness of the dies, facilitating the dissolution of the residues gathered in inaccessible points.
  • Significantly increases the service life of the bath.
  • Maintains the temperature of the bath at about 90° C, thus reducing fume emissions and evaporation consumption.

In the article published in the 77th issue of ipcm® International Paint & Coating Magazine (September/October 2022), we explored the technical characteristics of Claris 9346 MB and presented the case study at the Alumec plant.


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