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ALIT Technologies launches FASTRIP T2-120 MIX

ALIT presented the new FASTRIP T2-120 MIX machine in the technical magazines dedicated to surface treatments ipcm_International Paint&Coating Magazine, ipcm_Ibérica & ipcm_LatinoAmérica.

ALIT Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of FASTRIP T2-120 MIX, an even more compact evolution of the T2 system, designed for effective and rapid paint removal.

The companies that carry out internally the coating of metal artifacts have, in fact, an intrinsic need to strip the frames and hooks used for the hanging of the pieces or the artifacts that have defects. ALIT Technologies has developed the FASTRIP T2-120 MIX, the most compact paint stripping machine in the T2 range, in order to offer an efficient and space-saving solution.

“ALIT TECHNOLOGIES has developed FASTRIP T2-120 MIX based on its many years of experience in the paint stripping industry” says Loris, CEO of ALIT Technologies. “This machine does not use ultrasound, as the mechanical action of the paint stripper on the parts’ is ensured by the hydrostatic thrust generated by the mixer. The fact that ultrasound has been replaced by a mixer is precisely what distinguishes FASTRIP T2-120 MIX from our top-of-the-line model FASTRIP T2-100. This makes the former a quieter machine that can also operate with a more polluted paint stripper; the absence of ultrasound also allows for the use of electronic components that are less sensitive to the heat developed during normal machine operation. Overall, these choices have resulted in the design of an extremely robust, reliable, safe, and well-functioning system”.

The article was published in the 82 issue (July/August) of the international technical magazine dedicated to surface treatments ipcm_International Paint&Coating Magazine. In addition, on the edition of ipcm_Ibérica No. 31 & ipcm_LatinoAmérica No. 43 the same content was published in Spanish and Portuguese.

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ALIT Technologies will attend the ESTAL Congress 2023

ALIT Technologies is pleased to announce that it will participate at the ESTAL Congress, scheduled from 27th to 29th September 2023 at the Radisson Blue Béke hotel in Budapest, Hungary.

ALIT Technologies will be a speaker at ESTAL Congress, the bi-annual rendez-vous with the European Aluminium Surface Treatment Industry, which will be held from 27th to 29th September 2023 at the Radisson Blue Béke hotel in Budapest.

The major focus of this event will be on presenting sustainable solutions for aluminium surface treatment and on addressing the future challenges for this industry. The 2023 congress is expected to stimulate fruitful discussions and present new ideas for the aluminium anodizers and coaters. The topics include different subjects, such as best practices for powder coating and anodizing plants, innovative technologies for paint stripping or for measuring the aluminium thickness, latest developments in compact anodizing plants, biotechnology solutions for wastewater and chemicals in anodizing and coating plants, virtual-reality aided training for coaters etc.

Loris Rossi, CEO of ALIT Technologies, will hold the speech “Enhancing Efficiency and Quality in Aluminum Profile Recovery: The Chemical Paint Stripping Solution” during the last day of the Congress (September 29, from 3:30 pm to 4 pm). The presentation will highlight the use of chemical paint stripping for the recovery of aluminium profiles. ALIT Technologies will also introduce its Fastrip AP machine as the ideal solution to this problem.

ALIT Technologies waits for you at ESTAL Congress to discover more about its Fastrip AP and all its advanteges.

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ALIT Technologies looks forward to meeting you at Aluminium Two Thousand

ALIT Technologies is pleased to announce that it will participate at the 12° Worldwide Congress Aluminium Two Thousand, scheduled from 19 to 23 September 2023 at the Royal Hotel Carlton of Bologna, Italy.

ALIT Technologies will be present as speaker at Aluminium Two Thousand, the unmissable international conference on the world of aluminium, which will be held from 19 to 23 September 2023 at the Royal Hotel Carlton in Bologna.

The event consists of three days of conferences (from 19 to 21 September) with three parallel sessions dedicated to different topics including: market and analysis of the aluminum industry, foundry, casting, extrusion, anodizing and painting, automation, architecture, transport industry, environmental protection and recycling techniques, measurement, testing and quality: the great world of aluminium for an international audience. The last two days (from 22 to 23 September) will be dedicated to a series of side events, including workshops and guided tours around the city of Ravenna.

The ALIT Technologies team, during the three congress days, will hold a series of reports on different topics at the following times:

  • Wednesday 20 September from 11:30 to 12:00: “DRIZZLING: an innovative spray system for metals passivation” – Claudio Burato (Chemical Department Technical Manager).
  • Thursday 21 September from 11:00 to 11:30: “Enhancing Efficiency and Quality in Aluminum Profile Recovery: the Chemical Paint Stripping Solution” – Loris Rossi (CEO).
  • Thursday 21 September from 15:00 to 15:30: “CLARIS 9346 MB: Additive for the cleaning of aluminium extrusion dies” – Michele Merlo (Technical Sales Manager).

ALIT Technologies waits for you at Aluminium Two Thousand to present and deepen the latest discoveries, research and trends of the future.

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