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July, 16, 2019. There is a new video in our video gallery. Maybe it is not the most professional one, but it is so very useful to give you an idea of how our FASTRIP T5 works and how effective it is to remove layers of paint from work-pieces.

ALIT to attend the annual conference of the AFMSZ Hungarian Aluminum Surface Treaters’ Association

May 6, 2019. ALIT Technologies was invited to present its systems for chemical paint stripping of metals at the annual conference of AFMSZ, the Hungarian Aluminum Surface Treaters’ Association. The event is scheduled for 9 and 10 May in Nyiregyhaza.

ALIT will be present along with its sales manager Pietro Mandorino who will particularly illustrate the new Fastrip S, vertical spraying machines for chemical stripping of metals (suitable for treating iron) as well as metal and light alloy workpieces without damaging their surfaces. In addition, Fastrip T5, the range of medium-sized stripping tanks (available in three types): ultrasound technology, with an air agitation system, and with an agitation mixer will also be showcased. These units effectively remove the coating layers that get deposited on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, safeguarding their surfaces and extending their service life. In addition to the chemical products developed by the ALIT laboratories to optimize the performance of company technologies.

The company is looking forward to make new inroads into the Hungarian market. “We are delighted and we really welcome this invitation because we believe the Hungarian market is particularly important to us given that it has industries in sectors that are strategic, such as the automotive and aluminium industries, where our technologies and knowledge on metal stripping can certainly find interest and consensus.

ALIT technologies paves the way for key savings both in terms of time and money, allowing even small to medium-sized companies to install their own functional system in order to restore badly painted parts with moderate investments.

ALIT Technologies is attending Expo-Surface from the 26th to the 28th of March 2019

Feb 28, 2019. ALIT Technologies will attend the Expo-Surface exhibition, which is currently at its tenth-edition and going to be held at Kielce, Poland, from 26 to 28 March. ALIT Technologies will attend the event with its local partner CHEMIFOR SP. Z O.O. (HALL G – STAND G87).

The ALIT booth will, in addition to the company paint stripping products, give a special focus on the Fastrip ISP line stripping systems, the innovative Fastrip S, a vertical spray machine for the paint stripping, the practical T2 ultrasonic paint removal tank and the T5, which combines the mechanical effect with the chemical one (Please take a look at the technical brochures translated into English and Polish on the company’s SlideShare account).

The Fastrip technologies by ALIT have been proven to be one of the most innovative range of technologies for effective chemical paint stripping of metals and, therefore, will certainly be able to catch the interest of the delegates from the most varied industrial sectors expected at the fair.

Expo Surface is dedicated particularly to the manufacturers and distributors of new products and processes for the treatment of metal surfaces and anti-corrosion technologies and attracts representatives from the automotive, aviation, naval and aerospace industries, construction, finishing and coating, mechanical and petrochemical industries.

ALIT Technologies @ MIDEST 5 to 8 March Lyon

27 Feb 2019. ALIT Technologies will be attending the MIDEST Exhibition – Eurexpo – 05th to 08th March 2019 – Lyon – Stand ITA – Italian Trade Agency (F140), Hall 5. MIDEST is the world’s largest show exclusively dedicated to industrial subcontracting and face to face meetings.

From Verona to Thailand to optimize the paint stripping processes

14 Jan 2019. Months after the launch of a new Fastrip ISP plant in an aluminium profile extrusion and painting company in Thailand, Alit has returned to check the entire process in accordance with its usual customer assistance program. In addition to the paint stripping plant for the hooks used in the painting process, the Thai company had chosen to install the Fastrip FP as well – the Alit filter press that allows easy recovery of paint particles from chemical baths and facilitates their longevity. And what are the results? A thoroughly satisfied customer, extremely clean hooks and, above all, exceptional filter-pressed mud. What are the advantages of well-pressed waste? Take a look at the latest tech Q & A by Alit to find out.

Q&A How can paint removal baths be made to last for a long time?

14 Jan 2019. The chemical formulations used for paint stripping, result from the skills that every company in the sector guards passionately. The formulations also have a considerably high incidence in the general costs of paint stripping processes. Nevertheless, the baths can last for years, and, if the right precautions are taken, they can last for nearly five years before requiring reintegration or replacement.

How should they be treated? Using an effective filtering system is paramount, and this is what Alit Technologies recommends when it invites its industrial partners to equip itself with its Fastrip FP press filter in addition to the Fastrip ISP system for in-line stripping. It eases the perfect ‘maintenance’ of chemical baths, keeping them clean from paint residues. It also allows the pressing and squeezing of the wasted paint, reducing it to a dry compound that is easy to handle and removing the precious paint stripping solution from it.

The waste, as seen in the image captured recently at a Thai customer’s industrial premises, becomes solidified and manageable and not dirty, with the cost of its disposal lower than it would be for its liquid version. The experience of the Thai customer, who is currently using the Alit formulation METALSTRIP 1460 + METALSTRIP AKTIVATOR 1660 is an excellent example that confirms the possibility of obtaining less waste to be disposed of and chemical baths in a good condition indefinitely.

Season’s Greetings

12 Dec 2018. Our offices will be closed from Monday 24 to Friday 4 January 2019. Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year.

Q&A Why do well-stripped hooks ease an optimal painting?

12 Nov 2018. The hooks or frames used to transport items to be painted in industrial lines should be stripped off well before being reused, for the simple reason that the presence of paint particles that have not been removed properly during cleaning, decrease the electrostatic effect. In this regard, read the comments of one of our clients, Mr Andreas Marcou, who is Muskita’s plant manager at page 50 of IPCM’s October issue where he is pointing out the importance of electrostatic conductivity.

In electrostatic painting, the paint powder sticks to the product due to the electrostatic effect, but the possible presence of paint from a previous process generates a repulsive barrier between successive layers.

Therefore, by cleaning the support hook well, the number of items that are painted badly and must be reworked is reduced drastically. This also allows a reduction in paint consumption.

For this reason, Alit recommends its Fastrip ISP technology In-line paint Stripping Process, a system of heated tanks containing chemical paint-stripping solutions that are placed between the writing probe and the loading probe of the painting process. During their passage, the hooks or frames to be cleaned are immersed in the tank and, within a few minutes, in relation to the paint used and the working temperature, come out at the end of the process perfectly cleaned. They are then ready for optimal reuse and are able to promote maximum electrostatic conductivity in the subsequent processes.

#BusinessPlanCompetition, final event

4 Oct 2018. The Veneto Region has organised the Business Plan Competition, involving students who have been asked to create a real business plan with the help of companies and entrepreneurs. In this 30″ video, the final event. Loris Rossi, the CEO of Alit Technologies was a jury member ” I wish them all the best and to be able to achieve their dreams, this is certainly an initiative worth to be repeated in future!”.

We are ALUMINIUM 2018 !

28 Sept 2018. Have a look at the video We are ALUMINIUM 2018! Loris Rossi is presenting Alit Technologies. Looking forward to seeing you at the Aluminium exhibition, booth 12H33


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