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Ferrari Experience: Relive the Emotion of the ALIT Technologies Event


On 31 May 2024, ALIT Technologies created a magical moment with its first “Ferrari Experience” event, giving our customers an unforgettable day. Adrenaline, passion and networking opportunities characterised this extraordinary adventure. The event attracted companies from Italy and abroad, strengthening existing ties and creating new opportunities for collaboration. In this text you will see all the stages and photos of the event, are you ready?

A Warm Start

The welcome at ALIT Technologies’ headquarters was special. We opened the doors of our home, inviting participants to discover the latest innovations and immerse themselves in our company culture. It was a time of sharing, where every smile and handshake showed our dedication and passion.

In the Heart of the Ferrari Legend

The trip to Maranello, the beating heart of Ferrari, brought with it a unique emotion. The visit to the Ferrari Museum was not just a tour, but a real journey through the history and triumphs of the brand. The cars on display told stories of courage and innovation, inspiring everyone present.

A Pilot’s Lunch

At the Montana Restaurant, famous among the big pilots, lunch was more than just a meal: it was a culinary experience in a unique atmosphere. Our guests were able to relax and socialise, making connections in a very special setting. See the photos below.

The Adrenaline of the Track

The excitement reached its peak when the participants climbed aboard the Ferraris. The track turned dreams into reality, offering a pure adrenaline experience. Feeling the power and elegance of these iconic racing cars was an unforgettable moment that left everyone with palpitating hearts.

Tradition and Taste in Modena

After the adrenaline rush of the track, one of Modena’s oldest vinegar cellars welcomed our guests with a guided tour and tasting of balsamic vinegar. Here, we explored the secrets of the production of this precious condiment while admiring the world’s largest bottle of balsamic vinegar.

An Ending to Remember

The exclusive dinner in the vinegar cellar rounded off the day perfectly. A special balsamic menu delighted everyone present, while a signature cake celebrated the success of the event. Each participant received a photo frame with pictures of the day, a tangible memento of an extraordinary experience.

Connections and Growth

ALIT Technologies’ Ferrari Experience was more than just an event: it was a unique opportunity to create bonds, discuss future collaborations and strengthen existing relationships in an informal and inspiring setting. This event demonstrated our commitment to creating meaningful experiences for our customers, focusing on their satisfaction and success.

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